Saudi-Japanese Relations Recognition The Faisal Abbas and Fumio Iwai

Receiving an official commendation award by the Japanese government from Ambassador Fumio Iwai in Riyadh back in October 2021. I am honoured to have contributed to enhancing Saudi-Japanese relations through the great work we do in

Faisal Abbas at Throwback Thursday

The recognition of Faisal J. Abbas and Fumio Iwai highlights the deepening relations between Saudi Arabia and Japan. Faisal J. Abbas, the Editor-in-Chief of Arab News, played a significant role in enhancing the mutual understanding and respect between the two nations. His efforts in transforming Arab News into a more digital, global platform, including the launch of a Japanese edition, earned him a commendation from the Japanese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Fumio Iwai.

Ambassador Iwai, in his role, has been instrumental in fostering and expanding the diplomatic and cultural ties between Japan and Saudi Arabia. His tenure has seen increased cooperation in various fields, contributing to the deepening friendship between the two countries.

The relationship between Saudi Arabia and Japan has evolved significantly over the years. Established in 1955, the two countries have developed strong economic ties, particularly in the energy sector. Japan’s dependence on Saudi oil and its investments in Saudi petrochemical industries highlight the economic interdependence. The Saudi-Japan Vision 2030, launched in 2017, aims to strengthen this relationship further by supporting socioeconomic transformation and innovation.

In summary, the commendation of Faisal J. Abbas by Ambassador Fumio Iwai symbolizes not just individual achievements but also the strengthening ties between Saudi Arabia and Japan, encompassing economic cooperation, cultural exchanges, and mutual respect.

Saudi-Japanese Relations Recognition The Faisal Abbas and Fumio Iwai
Saudi Japanese Relations Recognition The Faisal Abbas and Fumio Iwai

December 16, 2023


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