Special calculations for the startup’s financial model

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We am glad to offer you help with calculations for financial modeling of your startup.

We will calculate for you the necessary block (or several blocks) of the financial model of your business, and formalize them in tabular form with visualization, convenient for analysis and further use in presentations and management decision-making. We can do the following:

  • Create a Profit and Loss statement (P&L) structure,
  • Create a cash flow statement structure,
  • Calculate business valuation using Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)


  • Digitize the sales funnel
  • Calculation of the break-even point
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Create a forecast calculation of key indicators such as NPV, IRR, ROI, net profit and so on.

Our work consists of the following stages:

  • application from the client, with a brief description of his business
  • We prepare questions for the brief and send the client a brief template with questions;
  • the client prepares answers to the questions;
  • based on these answers, we make the necessary calculations and send a preliminary version to the client. If the client likes it, then I finish the calculation and give the client the result for approval.

Any startup and business needs a high-quality financial model. It is created for many purposes, such as: to present to investors, to analyze the economics of the project for the future, to check the feasibility of changing the business model, to successfully pass a round of fundraising.

We will help you with these tasks. You can ask for consultation by email: roman@gloc.al


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