Womenpreneurs Gwyneth Paltrow and Jomana Al Rashid RED SEA Film Festival 2024 Throwback

Jomana Al Rashid, Gwyneth Paltrow, and other notable figures gathered at the Red Sea Film Festival in Saudi Arabia for a special ‘In-Conversation’ session. Paltrow, the CEO of Goop and an Academy Award-winning actress, likened entrepreneurship to acting, emphasizing the similar energy required for both pursuits. The event, which also featured Halle Berry, Andrew Garfield, and Nic Cage, was led by festival co-chief Jomana Alrashid, exploring Paltrow’s journey from acting to founding Goop. Other actors present included Baz Luhrmann, Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Maïwenn, Michelle Williams, Sharon Stone, Catherine Martin, Diane Kruger, Freida Pinto, Joel Kinnaman, Paz Vega, and Ranveer Singh, adding to the star-studded lineup. The event was organized by SRMG and the Red Sea Film Foundation as part of the Red Sea FF 23 and highlighted by CrunchRiyadh.com 2 Apr 2024.

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Jomana Al Rashid In-Conversation Session Short Description

  • Jomana Al Rashid, during a career retrospective at the Red Sea Film Festival in Saudi Arabia, led a discussion with Gwyneth Paltrow about her transition from Hollywood to founding the wellness brand Goop. Paltrow shared that she took a chance with the venture, which surprised many, but she’s happy with the decision as it has been a learning experience. She expressed thrill in building the business while still being able to do what she loves.
  • Jomana Al Rashid also asked Paltrow about her memorable roles and films. Paltrow mentioned that “The Royal Tenenbaums” has stayed with people over the years, even her daughter’s friends enjoy it. She also talked about working with notable directors, including David Fincher, Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson, and Anthony Minghella, whom she described as some of the best filmmakers she has worked with.
  • Paltrow revealed that, aside from a role in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix show “The Politician,” she has been on an acting hiatus for most of the last decade, with her last big-screen credit being Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame,” a film she admitted to the Jeddah audience she has never actually seen.
  • Jomana Al Rashid queried Paltrow about her viewing habits of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films, to which Paltrow admitted to stopping at some point and revealed she had never seen “End Game.” She expressed a need to catch up on them at some point.
  • Paltrow discussed her gradual disillusionment with the MCU, mentioning that she was initially hesitant to star in the first Iron Man film. However, after being assured that the production would offer a unique and artistically stimulating experience, she agreed to join the cast alongside Robert Downey Jr. She highlighted that the first Iron Man film was very different from the rest, as the studio didn’t anticipate its success. Hiring Jon Favreau to direct and Robert Downey Jr., who was struggling in his career at the time, contributed to making the film unique.
  • Jomana Al Rashid guided the conversation as Paltrow reflected on the first Iron Man film, noting that due to its low stakes for the studio, each day on set felt like working on an indie film. This environment allowed the cast the freedom to experiment, leading to the improvisation of almost every scene. Paltrow highlighted the collaborative nature of the production, mentioning that they would even write scenes in the morning in Jon Favreau’s trailer. However, she acknowledged that the success of the movie changed the approach to future films in the franchise.
  • Paltrow was then asked about her potential return to acting. With a hesitant groan, she replied that she never says never. While she is currently happy and busy with her current ventures, she admitted that if one of her best friends asked her to return to acting, she might consider it.

Full Video of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jomana Al Rashid In-Conversation

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April 2, 2024


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