Grow Your Brand with TikTok Promotions

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Unleash your brand in TikTok!

We specialize in TikTok advertising using influencer marketing and content production for business accounts. Our approach has generated over 550 million views for leading FMCG, IT products and GameFi.

Our client list includes SnapChat, Genshin Impact, StoryTel, Accesstyle, Heineken, Letit Tech, Studio Dabletech LTD, Glocal, book publishers, charities, government projects and more.

* CPV less than 0.002 USD
* high engagement rates of 5-15%
* fast audience growth (50-100 thousand a month)
* high CR

Positive reception of advertising content is due to the competently constructed content marketing. Our vertical UGC and production content goes viral, provides low CPA, and effectively attracts new audiences.

Before filming, we conduct extensive market research to shape your content strategy. We pair your brand with a creator who matches your ideal target persona to build an authentic relationship with your target audience. From filming to editing to publishing, we handle everything about TikTok. We can even take your existing creatives and reformat them for TikTok. Once we find winning formats and creatives for your brand, we can scale that content with spark ads.

Our team will develop a customized strategy for your brand with no strings attached. Just email us.

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