Crunch Dubai Special Project (USD 10,000) Unique Glocal Pack at 109 languages in 100 markets. 1,000,000 views!

9.999,00 $


Teamwork with the editorial team of Crunch Dubai. Special Project: Unique Glocal Commercial Online Traffic Pack at 109 languages in 100 markets.

  1. Publication of 30 articles on
  2. Publication of posts for each article on CrunchDubai media social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn targetin, Quora, Google My Business
  3. Coverage of 1 000 000 views 👀
  4. GEO targeting in MENA market: Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Sharja, Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca. APAC: . America:
  5. Video montage in SEO-gif with coverage of the target audience;
  6. Cagorta: officials &G, investors, business angels, business hub managers, ESG visionaries, bankers.
  7. This service will close your need: Brand Recognition (Target Before the Meeting) or your other goal.


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