Crunch Dubai Special Project Unique In.Lead Linkedin Lead Generation Pack. Get your first leads in 3 days. (USD 1000 per month subscription)

3.700,00 $


  1. Provide Linkedin accounts with the relevant network for your project, the price depends on the number of accounts that you need.
  2. With the help of software, you get 5-10 leads per day and give them to your sales manager already with contacts, the manager only needs to contact and sell your service.
  3. Inlead also provides its clients with services such as marketing, PR, and sales.
  4. If you want to learn how to get leads yourself, Inlead can provide a special training program, where in two weeks you will become an expert in lead generation
  5. Inlead is also an expert in finding investors, and funds for your startup. We know how to write sales scripts and use investor relationship skills


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